The Grace Congregational Health Network (Grace Network)

One Need. One Voice. One Church

The Church is an amazing organization and as I grow in her service I marvel at God’s ingenuity of this organism. Another thing I have reflected on in the past months is how much credit COVID-19 has gotten for pretty much every happening in the human race since February 2020 (and December last year in some places). Yes, I might add another … this global event has hastened our local partnerships, and also made us more agreeable with each other than ever before.

Our Community Benefits and Partnership’s program was launched last year, with the aim of formally recognizing, supporting, developing and equipping local community care programs to do what they do best. One such indispensable community leader in our local communities is the Local Church.

Like her God and LORD, she is also the only organization I know to reveal herself under a new name to meet the new need in her community.

The local church has confronted and met head on every problem and need known to human kind, and if she has not succeeded at some, it’s not from lack of trying. In the very least, her ministry of presence remains legendary, and with every growing meaning for every generation she cradles in her arms.

And now by a new name for the new need, 10 local churches have come together as network of local congregations under the umbrella coalition “The Grace Congregational Health Network (Grace Network). They are working to address the hunger, medical and educational growing needs as just a few of the challenges in their local communities during and beyond COVID-19. To learn more about this initiative, read more here.

By Dr. Pam

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