“God remembered me.”

By Victoria Kateme

Francen an old widow from kyamagwa village, Jinja could not believe that God remembered her. In her own words, “having RIBHO volunteers in my home with food packages month after mother is the most visible sign of God to me.” Francen, has been staying alone and struggling to make ends meet without any support for years.

At the age of eighty, with feeble knees and hands, she still moves slowly to and from her vegetable garden patch, planting and weeding whatever she can to grow to make a meal and simply survive. During the June RIBHO home visit, her blood pressure was a bit high, she reported general body pain, paralysis in her left hand, and itching eyes among other pains and aches.

For two years now, RIBHO has consistently visited her every month with groceries and a nurse to give her a medical check-up and provide pain and blood pressure medications. Following RIBHO volunteer visits, other locals took interest too, and started helping her as well.

France is very appreciative and always grateful to God for choosing her among the many people that RIBHO supports. Sometimes she even dances for us, the volunteers upon arrival at her house. The support, love, care and prayers given by the RIBHO volunteers has enabled her to live a better quality of life. What she says she appreciates the most is, “helping me to have a renewed image of God as loving me, and accepting again that Jesus loves me and care for me, and will receive in glory when my time comes. I prayed for a sign for God to remember me in my old age, and you young people came with food, smiles, medicine and you still come. If God could do that, I am now confident that Jesus will also receive me in heaven when my time comes. I am happy. I am very happy.”

For a long time Francen lacked a personal pit latrine. Her kind neighbors sympathized with her and allowed her to use their latrine for many years. However, last year, following RIBHO’s example, a Good Samaritan in the neighborhood constructed a personal pit latrine for Francen, and she was saved from that embarrassment of having to go to the neighbors. Her home is now lively with a good number of grandchildren who have resumed visiting.

Two years ago, Francen was a community reject. Today the favour of the Lord draws people she does not know to support her. She has been a blessing to behold.

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