The Ebenezer Thanksgiving!

August Red Peanut Harvest

A Blessed Ebenezer Thanksgiving to You!

THANKSGIVING is a great day to be sharing what we have been enabled to accomplish in the past months.

Looking back, we are grateful that we have been guided well in the past years, as only God would have known what the years ahead would look like, and prepare us to serve the needs of our time in meaningful ways.

When we started seriously investing in farming four years ago, we were excited about the challenge ahead of us –  revitalizing and building the soil to ensure the healthy life-forms of our ecosystems, to better serve our human friends and neighbors in need.

We had no doubt that the answer to creating food sources was right where we were – in our local gardens and mini-farms.

The next three years threw us a busy learning curve of learning the dimensions of the challenge of raising food, processing, storing and distributing it, while sustaining the soil.

Year four, we focused on increasing yields. Little did we know that of the harvest of that year, would be a greater need to share our food with many more due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the last few months, we have worked through yet another set of challenges, related to farming during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many farmers, COVID-19 has exacerbated economic and mobility challenges leading to significant impacts on agriculture, food and the rural vulnerable communities that we serve. Despite of all these challenges, our farms continue to thrive, thanks to our friends, partners and sponsors.

God has turned us into Harvesters of Hope, and for this we sing with joy!

The stories in the next few blogs , recap the much we are grateful for.

You can start our “Harvesters of Hope” video.

Thank you for being part of our care family.

Dr. Pam Mukaire

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