The Board



Dr. Tracy Dawes

Dr. Dawes is a Clinical Associate Professor of Community Health Nursing and also works as a family nurse practitioner in a low-income community. She supports us as a non-profit health promotion organization to operate free medical clinics increasing access to healthcare.

Dr. Fiona B. Lewis

Dr. Fiona B. Lewis is the Founder LLBJ Culinary and Wellness Enterprises LLC.  She is a professionally trained plant-based chef.  She has served as a Registered Dietitian in the clinical and homecare settings.  Dr. Lewis has also taught at the post-secondary level and directed academic programs at the Andrews University. She is the author of several inspirational devotionals and prayer journals, including A Flavorful Life: 12 Spiritual Lessons from the Kitchen, Of This I am Confident and Align, Hustle & Grind.  

With RIBHO, she assists in streamlining maternal and child nutrition and non-communicable disease prevention and health promotion educational activities, and resource lobbying to strengthen the medical infrastructure and entrepreneurship development in regions of Uganda currently lacking resources. 

Ms. Sandy Lovell

Ms. Sandy has had a lifelong commitment to women and girl’s health and empowerment with more than 20 years experience advocating, consulting and training on issues related to sexual health.  Her extensive work as the Director of Education and Professional Development for the Family Planning Association of Maine adds to RIBHO’s women’s health curriculum development and training.  Sandy has presented trainings, keynotes and workshops throughout New England, at national conferences, and internationally in Uganda and Tanzania.

Mrs. Pamela Clauseen

With over 24 years experience, Pamela Claussen is a seasoned professional as a journalism and communications educator, and Director of Christian Education. Ms. Pamela brought great integrity and credibility to her responsibilities of delivering projects and programs with young people, planning and directing church/community service and stewardship projects, and organizing and facilitating local, national and international mission projects.

Ms. Pamela brings this expertise to RIBHO’s work in facilitating local faith-based educational programs that create enabling educational environments for all. She promotes strategies that enhance the positive effects of the multiplicity of cultures on educational equity in rural communities.

Ms. Luda Ruddock

Luda is currently a Lecturer in Public Health and Community Studies at CU Coventry in the UK. She previously worked in Ukraine, USA, the United Kingdom, and briefly Kenya and Indonesia, primarily within third sector organisations and funding agencies. Her experience in these areas adds to RIBHO’s capacity development in community health promotion, harm reduction, HIV/STIs prevention, sexual health, healthcare management, mental health, residential child care, health workforce development and training, end-to-end project planning and management. 

John Paul Kizito

Mr. Kizito, MSc. HSM, MPH, focuses on personal and food hygiene advocacy, and supports development partners to promote quality of health care through health facility assessment and training.