Community Benefits

RIBHO community benefits include: Church-Community Grants, School Health Screening,  Community Health Fairs,  Health Education Resources, Organizational Training,  Ecumenical Youth Fellowship Grant.

Our friends’ generosity and faithful support allow us to support local partners meeting local needs and share the love of Christ in practical ways. We are happy to seek and share support resources for our partners meeting needs in the following areas that align with our mission for increasing access to community healthcare, health promotion, food security and more.

Community Outreach Services

We help children, women, the elderly and those living with chronic illnesses through the provision of basic necessities such as nutritious meals, regular health checks, and social support.

Partner organizations providing basic medical treatment to disadvantaged communities living in slums and rural villages are welcome to apply for these resources from us.

Disaster and Emergency Relief Effort Support

Since our inception, we have partnered with international and local individuals and organizations in our work, adding to the resources of communities in long-term recovery from famine and war. The global COVID-19 pandemic has increased our appreciation of our local and international partners all the more. Our international friends who have long operated as first responders in disaster-hit areas around the world, have taught us so much, and we in turn are helping our Uganda local organizations learn to provide emergency communication and supplies like food rations, basic medications and other resources to help individuals shelter well during these lockdowns.

In addition to meeting basic physical essentials, our local partner churches continue to be the critical pillars ministering the love of Christ to those affected communities, needing a long term standing presence to support them resume their livelihoods.

Food and Medical Missions

Having engaged in this kind of work ourselves, we deeply appreciate the efforts of local partners living and serving remote often unreached communities community outreach.  We provide for individuals and households in these communities during our annual medical missions and monthly home visits, where we deliver essential medicines and day-to-day household essentials like rice, corn flour, soy flour, millet flour, red beans, peanut butter, salt, sugar and oil.

Community partner organizations running children, prison, women’s, elderly and like programs are welcome to request for support from us.

Health Promotion Print Resources

We provide individuals, households and local health organizations and churches with audio and print resources that teach them about disease prevention, control, management, and faith based materials on God’s grace for all ages.

Organizations providing community level education resources are welcome to share our audio and print resources with those you serve

Youth, Students and Young Professionals

Finally, hundreds of youth in Uganda are household heads, creatively making ends meet for themselves and their families. We actively provide skills training courses, and seek and share business entrepreneurship resources to support these precious young people.

We also support adult learning and service learning projects that lead to improve youth’s employment opportunities. Local partners with large numbers of youth are welcome to seek group education and skills training resources from us.


As our partner, your support goes to one or more of the above areas of service. These are just a few of the areas where your giving makes a difference. More than that, your support also makes it possible for us to grow, process and distribute our own food into the homes over 15 communities. Every month, we receive stories of precious lives excited, happy, hopeful and enjoying better health and well-being.

Thank you for being part of this! Together, we’re making a difference, one life at a time.