Our Initiatives


Food Security Project

Our food security project combines agricultural activities and two food bank that sustain the nutritional needs of our patients and clients. This project focuses on the first dimension of food security, which is – the physical availability of food and its related sustainability. We both purchase and grow food that helps improve food availability at the household level in select communities. The goal of this project is to increase (our) production and (our patients) consumption of indigenous micronutrient rich foods, including high-iron beans, groundnuts, finger millet, soya bean, and sweet potatoes. Additionally, our community nurses and trained community health workers provide community-based nutrition services in grouped households or community groups.

Community Primary Healthcare Project

In 2015 we set off on a journey of actively engaging the community in the organization and delivery of (health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention) health services in their community. The project supports the delivery of curative care through community networks consisting of local and international healthcare providers, local NGOs, static and mobile clinics. Additionally, we provide accurate and update health information to every patient, basic medical equipment to participating clinics, and build the capacity of local organizations and healthcare professionals providing quality health services for poor and underserved populations.

This collaborative healthcare initiative runs 9 mobile healthcare clinic sites in 5 districts and has impacted people from more than 12 communities annually. The clinics, outreaches and training workshops are well attended, and local doctors, nurses, teachers and community health workers continue to their keen participation and support of this project.



Health Education Project

From the beginning, RIBHO has worked to make health information and knowledge accessible to the people as a basic right for them to make the best choices for achievable health and well-being within their sociocultural circumstances. Health promotion classes are provided throughout the community, ate health centers and within the homes. The lessons and related materials are designed to help individuals achieve healthier lifestyles through enhanced knowledge of healthy behaviors and through the reduction of health risk factors.

Ecumenical Youth Service Fellowship Project

Initiated in 2015, this fellowship provides models and assistance to train, equip and support youth participation in the development and implementation of quality health services, responsive to the immediate needs of communities. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities and strengthen the mutual support and commitment of youth and communities to help each other through service-learning. This is achieved through continuous learning, new service models, strong networks, and professional growth opportunities.

Youth Society for Global Health 

The youth related mandate of our organization is to facilitate young people in our region to grow and develop leadership and resource capacities towards contributing to achieving health for all; starting with learning to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families. Launched in 2019, this project is implemented through primary and senior secondary school health clubs, and an annual Youth and Public Health Conference. In addition to healthy professional socializing club activities, this is where students learn the most together and creatively apply youth focused solutions to the health challenges they face at this stage of their lives.