Health Promotion Education


From the beginning, RIBHO has worked to make health information and knowledge accessible to the people as a basic right for them to make the best choices for achievable health and well-being within their sociocultural circumstances. Health promotion classes are provided throughout the community, ate health centers and within the homes. The lessons and related materials are designed to help individuals achieve healthier lifestyles through enhanced knowledge of healthy behaviors and through the reduction of health risk factors.

Our efforts to advance community health knowledge are anchored in providing access to the knowledge, skills and resources needed to for our people care for themselves and their loved ones; helping people make use of the full potential of accurate information; and building community network resources for supporting self-care.

Priority consideration is given to the provision of quality information and education on prevailing health problems, locally endemic diseases and disease outbreaks, non-communicable diseases, and the methods to prevent and control them. Continuous education is provided at the household and community level for those most in need (poor, low literacy and socially excluded rural self-carers and caregivers), to ensure consistent equitable access to information in promotion of healthy food choices, water and sanitation, and waste management.