Ecumenical Youth Service Fellowship Project

This Fellowship grew out of Dr. Mukaire’s first-hand experiences using service-learning to engage youth in community-based organization health service delivery. She found that while many expert adults were willing to support community service efforts, they simply had too many responsibilities. On the other hand, youth were available and willing to serve but lacked the knowledge and skills to serve.

Initiated in 2015, this fellowship provides models and assistance to train, equip and support youth participation in the development and implementation of quality health services, responsive to the immediate needs of communities. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities and strengthen the mutual support and commitment of youth and communities to help each other through service-learning. This is achieved through continuous learning, new service models, strong networks, and professional growth opportunities.

To learn more about the achievements of this fellowship, please see our collection of success stories. Our major milestones would not have been possible without the young people behind each story.