Community Primary Healthcare


In 2015 we set off on a journey of actively engaging the community in the organization and delivery of (health protection, health promotion, and disease prevention) health services in their community. The project supports the delivery of curative care through community networks consisting of local and international healthcare providers, local NGOs, static and mobile clinics. Additionally, we provide accurate and update health information to every patient, basic medical equipment to participating clinics, and build the capacity of local organizations and healthcare professionals providing quality health services for poor and underserved populations.

This collaborative healthcare initiative runs 9 mobile healthcare clinic sites in 5 districts and has impacted people from more than 12 communities annually. The clinics, outreaches and training workshops are well attended, and local doctors, nurses, teachers and community health workers continue to their keen participation and support of this project.

This initiative has paid off in several directions: 1) allowing us to grow services in responsiveness to the social and cultural circumstances of the people, which in turn has, 2) increased access to primary healthcare, community responsiveness to and support of the health services, 3) community self- mobilization and engagement around health service delivery, and 4) a spinoff of increasing community social support for patient continued care in the home.

We are grateful for growing enthusiasm to engage and serve one another.