The Grace Congregational Health Network (Grace Network)

In keeping with its mission, RIBHO initiates ministries designed to establish, grow and nurture partnerships with health and social service providers and supporters. RIBHO aligns Ecumenical Youth partners with local congregations, public health professionals and the communities in which those congregations and health providers serve. We seek to nurture, energize and resource “the heart for service” shared by these different local partners, who individually and corporately work to address social justice issues and concerns, including the health and well-being of various communities across the sub-country.

These Partners/Affiliate Ministries benefit from RIBHO in several ways:

  • Gain advice and counsel from a multidisciplinary network of professionals (from advertisements for community outreach events to social entrepreneurships skills for all age groups)
  • Receive seed project-focused funding
  • Participate in community wide collaborative health and service events
  • Gain peer support and network learning
  • Engage in mentoring or coaching support on any number of service topics
  • Achieve wider church community exposure and recognition

Grace Network Jinja District Partners Directory
Directory of Health and Social Service Ministries
Anointed Prayer Tower
Christ the Rock Nation
Divine Worship Church
Faith, Mercy and Truth Ministries
God’s Mission Church Ministries
Gospel Healing Church
Hope Glory Heaven Church
Redeemed Pentecostal Church
Revelation Healing Center