Laptops open more windows of opportunity …


Ms. Brenda – Youth Leader, Kyamagwa Project Site

The explosive innovation in technology has undoubtedly led to major developments towards the use of information technologies, … and we are not too far behind.  Late last year, amidst preparations to launch online training opportunities for our community members and partners, we identified technology challenges and opportunities for improving the health services they deliver to the communities we serve. 

We called on our support circle of friends and they responded with such generosity. Thanks to our friends, now our staff, local leaders and youth can keep up with receiving and delivering vital health information to continue solving the global and local health problems of our time.

We have designed a number of training courses to advance a broad range of health goals, particularly healthy lifestyles behavior promotion, chronic disease prevention, and NOW, the emerging COVID-19 and related emergency preparedness. In a time when most everyone has turned to the World Wide Web, these laptop gifts and Dr. Mukaire’s February trip to our project sites couldn’t have been timelier.

While print materials are still very popular with our rural projects, the pressure to use online technologies is upon us like never before.

Thanks to our friends, we are a whole lot better prepared to engage online than we were in January of this year. We continue to be expectant and are confident that much good will come from their generous gifts.

Thank you friends!

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