Welcome to Our Work!

Florence at our maternal child health clinic.

Project Activities

A showcase of the various projects we engage in throughout the year.

Agriculture/ Farm

Emma and his farm friends harvesting p.nuts

Our 7 acre farm provides us the opportunity to grow healthy food for our patients, promote rural farm worker community engagement, while address the sustainability of our food pantry. The farm has been a great blessing in allowing us to expand on the food variety for our patients. It has also provided opportunities for our youth entrepreneurial skills development as they gain hands-on experience in establishing and starting up the farm, and the responsibility of maintaining the health or the rural farming families assisting us with farm chores. With every planting season, our young adult Farm Manager, Emmanuel, learns more about environmental stewardship, and is experiencing more success with larger and quality yields of red beans, corn and groundnuts.  

Food Pantry

Home health and food delivery visiting team

A healthy diet aids treatment and recovery but not all patients have access to quality or regular food supplies. Our food pantry stocks about 9000 kilograms of grain and other household food items to include sugar, cooking oil and powdered milk. This small pantry supplies food to patients in 5 villages. We are serving more and more the urban and rural poor, who experience varying levels of food insecurity. Mostly, we serve the elderly, the chronically ill and young malnourished children whose food intake has reduced and or whose eating patterns have been disrupted because the household as a whole lacks money for food. Nearly 92% of our clients have a chronic illness, a disability and unlikely to re-enter the work force. In 2019, we distributed 60% more food and saw an increase in the number of patient households with the need for food.

Monthly Home Healthcare Visits

Elderly health check

Our home health care program is run by registered nurses along with trained volunteers targeting high-risk patients sparse and underserved locations. The patients we serve have limited access to healthcare, with a number of health complaints and concerns. Regular medical check-ups and medication refills are critical for people with an illness, unemployed and with high medical needs and costs. A consistent theme in our homecare evaluations is how our nursing and homecare volunteers have formed close relationships with patients, and our now welcomed as family to the rural communities we serve.

Community Health Clinic

Nurses Bernadette and Sheila

The mobile medical clinics provide opportunities for vulnerable populations to access and utilize appropriate and comprehensive health services, resources and health promotion education. We provide access to free high quality primary and preventive medical and mental health care through the generosity of our local and international medical providers and medical resource organizations. Our Medical Outreach program continues to redefine the communities served across the country, and we are especially growing in community partnerships.

Health Education and Community Outreach

Nutrition Health Session with Dr. Fiona

We engage in group and one-on-one education aimed at preventing illness, promoting wellness, and supporting individuals and families in their management of chronic conditions. Our team of health educators provide information, and conduct workshops and educational health presentations on a variety of  health topics, including asthma, behavioral health, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, women’s and men’s health, senior health, nutrition and many others.

Public Health Training

Mental Health Care Workshop with Dr. Krystal

Applied training and professional development is a key focus in strengthen our volunteer and local community partnership public health workforce. To help our growing professional network learn new skills and advance our work and their careers, we have provide monthly public health certificate courses and training courses on specific health topics and interventions. We train community health workers for our projects as well as workers from other community health based organizations. Our current training program comprises of 80 hours of core skills training, 45 hours of intervention design and 12 months of intervention implementation.

Worship and Fellowship

We enjoyed a great Sunday morning of praise and worship in Agago prior to our Community Public Health Training for this host church.

Let’s build something together.