Our First Ever Community Wide Call-Line

By Dr. Pam

Cell phones have allowed us to stay Open for Work, lighting candles of hope all over our communities during this time of uncertainty.

On March 21st, we established a call line, and in just 15 days our call team has grown from 2 to 19 callers. Why?  The COVID-19 isolation and related stress, worry, anxiety, low mood and boredom are taking a toll on us all.

Our volunteers are committed to providing our communities with trusted information and support to help everyone’s mental health and well-being during this pandemic.

In addition to simply checking in with our neighbors, we are providing accurate facts about COVID-19, tips for maintaining good mental health, and how to keep everyone safe and connected.

This is how you can participate!

1. Buy 125 Minutes for 5,000/- (1.33 Dollars USD)
2. Buy 300 Minutes for 10,000/- (2.66 Dollars USD)
3. Buy 2,400 Minutes for 35,000/- (10 Dollars USD)
4. Buy 4,500 Minutes for 50,000/- (14 Dollars USD)

Your $14 allows one volunteer to make approximately 642 (7-minute) calls or send 10,200 text messages of encouragement and accurate COVID-19 information.

Please Donate here!

Thank you for supporting this service of providing a loving presence for those who need it now.

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