How are you doing?

lake victoria

If you are like me, you have probably been surprised at the many responses COVID-19 has evoked in you. Perhaps you have seen similar or different responses in others.

On the inside and outside, we go around in circles that often have lament, cursing, fright, trembling, … and then hope, laughter, catching up with family and longtime friends, praying, fasting, … and we dial back to 0 …and on and on …

I am concluding that’s it’s okay not to be okay, for as long as we maintain some sight of hope. Just a little bit of it, every day.

With everything down and almost running out (if not already run out) this coronavirus lockdown continues to shake our individual and global lives. Here in our rural Uganda communities, the sting of bitter paralyzing days is beginning to set in and affect everything. Not to be negative. We are learning that calling things out by name helps us better deal with what we are able to name.

People are still off the streets, the usual Sundays gatherings are no more, learning institutions are still closed, shopping malls and restaurants all not functioning, public transport means no more …, and no where close to returning to normal as we had hoped the President would announce in his last address to the country.

In the last few weeks we have scripted messages of hope for ourselves and others.  As lazy and self-serving as it may sound, we are letting people know that taking care of themselves is now the first line of protection against this cononavirus. For us who are still blessed to live in low risk communities, our major issues will likely continue to be concern about having enough food and mental health.

As self-absorbing as it might sound, some days your best job and service to humanity will be taking great care of yourself. Please do just that.

So, a question to you friends, what measures have you put in place to ensure your safety, as well as that of your loved ones and neighbors?

Please share your tips with us, and if you have yet to figure these measures out, we are more than happy to make some helpful suggestions.

Stay well…

Emmanuel Kasomba

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