A life shared …..

By Emmanuel Kasomba 

Quite often, we despise the power and impact of a simple touch, a listening ear, a smile, an honest compliment, a simple word of prayer, a small act of sharing and caring, but a combination of these creates the ability to transform and turn around a life. Nurse Benardette and volunteer Joan, in the picture above attend to Petraline during the RIBHO monthly home visits. She is an 80 year old lady who is so happy about the services extended to her by the RIBHO volunteers. Some time back when we had just started visiting her, she was so lonely because she stayed alone at her small house. But one visit after another, one food package and then another, a prayer here and there …we started noticing incremental positive changes. Then one time we went to visit her as usual, but found everything totally different. She was clean, smart, happy and healthier, and even more, God had sent her daughter in law and first grandchild to visit. She now has family to share her goodies with and lives an extremely happy life. Truly we serve a God of wonders and miracles.

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