How are you sharing?

Hand-washing soap and bleach

In our rural communities, a bar of soap can often make a difference between life and death. This is not an exaggeration, especially now, with scientific news stating that this coronavirus can stubbornly stay alive on a surface for 72 hours (or was it 48 hours?).

In our poorest communities, as many of 600 infants will die from diarrhea, often resulting from poor hand hygiene. So you can see why I have a whole different appreciation for hand washing and a bar of soap for those who can’t always afford one.

So anyways, I was really happy to participate in handing out RIBHO’s free bars of soap to various people in the community, to empower them properly wash their hands. In such difficult times when some people’s probability of missing the next meal is more than a half, will they be able to buy soap? Thankfully, for those within reach of our project services, the answer doesn’t always have to be no.

With RIBHO’s hand washing good initiative, a good number of beneficiaries have been able to keep safe. Many of these individuals were identified by the various partner local churches, who reach out to the targeted group of people in most need of the soap. … and not just one piece of soap, but half  a bar (that is at least 3-4 pieces of soap).

With such practical love, and sharing coupled with prayers, it was wonderful to see some of these families cut off a piece of soap and share it with their neighbors. After all, their children play and get sick together. Still, love over a bar of soap goes a long ways of many hand washings.

Have you shared anything with anyone outside of your family and friends during this COVID time? if you haven’t already, or have done it again in the last 7 days, do it again, and please share your thrill of sharing with us.

Please stay well. Stay safe. …

Emmanuel Kasomba

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