How are you caring or serving?

WHO COVID-19 Strategic Plans

For me, volunteering with RIBHO has provided a much needed outlet of my desire to so do something to help others … which I find, helps me the most in return.

Does your community have organizations that are offering safe ways for you to express the love and care I know you feel inside?

How about the numerous online serving opportunities we are hearing about? Are you able to be part of these service opportunities? I hope so. Perhaps you have no clue where, how and with whom to begin. Keep seeking, listening and looking.

At RIBHO we have had numerous opportunities to contribute to efforts in helping each other and our community members to stay above the waters. This has been done through using the seemingly small resources available in practical ways.

I have taken all the COVID-19 training courses that RIBHO has offered. I can’t tell you how much I have surely appreciate setting my eyes on those course notes, and then later sharing this wise information with others.

A few weeks ago RIBHO sponsored our community partners, providing them with resources for making face masks using kitengi fabric material that is 100% cotton as recommended by the Health practitioners. I was blessed to work with one of the recipient tailors of this initiative. She had this to say about this project.

“It was a great pleasure and opportunity to spearhead the making of masks. It was something I had never thought about but when RIBHO brought the opportunity and chose to work with me, I got the chance to learn a new skill since I was given the guidelines of making the recommended type of masks.” – Pastor Naume Biribawa.

She is a pastor, professional tailor and a RIBHO volunteer who was empowered by the organization to take on this activity. This activity was very timely, as only a few days later, the government made it mandatory for everyone to put on a face mask when going out in public places.

You see what I mean? Engaging in these prevention activities has been very rewarding for me. If you haven’t already (and I know most of you have or are on the verge of), please take on a safe volunteering opportunity, and when you do, perhaps you can share it with us. We can always use more motivation!

Emmanuel Kasomba

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